Sunday, August 1, 2010

'32 Ford Roadster

American cars.. I immediately think about the big V8 engines, growling sounds and their unerring ability to just keep going. I just like the power and looks that are related to the original muscle cars. The Ford Roadster is one of the classics. You can see them in all forms and shapes. Convertible, with or without fenders, with bonnet or with exposed engine. Paint jobs that enhance this killer ride or complete kill the job.

The one pictured above and below belongs to rodder Rick Findley. It is not actually vintage, but the paintjob and vintage components like the steering wheel and gauges in the dashboard give the car an old school look. This roadster features a aluminum small block V8 and a very exotic manual transmission. I love the looks of modern technology..

Click here for more details on this ride.

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