Saturday, July 3, 2010

Blough Miner Coat

Ebay is addictive. In a very nice way though. Digital hunting is what I call it. Like a sharpshooter we spot, shoot and take home the prey (usually by US Priority Mail..). My favorite items were vintage Ray-Ban's, Zippo's and other gadgets. Old workwear is now one of my more popular searches. A lot of the cool finds are forwarded to the other "hunters" and vice versa. Joachim is regularly sending me stuff that is so ingenious, that I decided to post one of his latest finds.

This is a coverall coat made of green denim by Topps. It features yellow embroidery on the back of the shoulders with the words "Blough - Miner". I am curious how old it is and what the embroidery refers to. Let me know if you know more about this type of coat. Too bad it is not my size..

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