Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Frost Birgens SS11

Scandinavian fashion is usually something I can appreciate. Frost Birgens from Copenhagen just released their lookbook and I like it. Not to mention that you are really cool if this is what you can tell about your designer: "..designing clothes for friends and loyal customers who found their way through a back yard up a fire escape, in to his workshop." Love it.

The collection looks functional and somewhat sober, yet alos has a surprisingly playful element to it.

I picked out some of the styles I like. Cool detail is the use of patterns both inside and out, adding an extra dimension to the shirts. Also worth a mention is the jacket with leather pockets attached askew, short 3/4 sleeves and white buttons. non-fitted shorts with big side pockets and visible buttons.


  1. how much are the Policeman Chukkas going for? How do they fit? Wide, narrow, short, big?


  2. Hi,

    The policemen Chukka are 249.90 euro. They fit a bit big and a little wider compared to the 6" Round. Let me know if you have more questions about products etc.