Monday, July 5, 2010

Preview on Naked & Famous x Momotaro Jeans

A first glimpse of the alliance between Naked and Famous and Momotaro Jeans shown by Hypebeast made me curious. I have a very good relationship with my Momotaro, so I wanted to see more. This morning I received some pictures from my brother, and it looks very appealing.

A bit hard to tell but the denim looks a 12 or 13 oz. A nice detail is the wide coin pocket. They seem to have made it a bit wider than what I have seen so far from both brands. The leather patch on the back, stitched only on top and bottom, is nice because it features both N&F and Momotaro branding.

Also, the pictures show that this is a nice mix between the distinct details of both brands. The Okoyama patch inside the waistband, the rivets, buttons and pink stitching are referring to the Japanese brand. The patch in the middle of the inside waistline and the red selvedge are N&F details.

Can't wait to see these come out. I will be ready for it.

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