Wednesday, July 14, 2010

No Trespassing

It will take a few months before it is my birthday again. One thing I know for sure. Everyone who does not know what to buy as a present (if you feel the need to bring one), ask Joachim! Why? He keeps finding stuff a real vintage lover would sell his mother for. Sorry mom..

His latest find is an old canvas sign. It looks like thin quality fabric with printed text. You can tell by the rusty marks it has been nailed to a wall or fence. Who would not go in if they saw this sign? The text is clearly about things that are not allowed. Handsigned by mr. V.B. Everest?

I am going to create a regular topic for our finds. Interested in joining? Impress us. We will post it if it is cool, workwear related and vintage.

(pictures by Anothersomething)

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