Monday, August 16, 2010

Army Desk

A good part of the interior of our Red Wing Shoes store consists of vintage tools and stuff we sourced ourselves. Joachim and I drove all around the country to pick up nice stuff from all kinds of places: from the wide plains of the Dutch polders to the antique shops in Wisconsin and Minnesota, no place was safe from us at the beginning of June.

One of the cool things we came across was a military crate / portable table. Two chairs and a table were tightly packed in the crate. It was painted in an unusual light green color. We found it at a military dump that even had a MIG airplane on its property. It was a bit too big for my balcony..

Anyway, I like this military theme for the office or house as well. This Swedish Military Officers desk is ideal to stuff your belongings in. The other field table is also really nice. Both items are listed on Coleman's Military Surplus. (via A Time To Get)

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