Monday, August 23, 2010

The Docks of New York

One of the last silent movies ever made, this movie shows George Bancroft playing the role of a blue collar worker. A coal stoker who, as simple and as cruel as a child, saves a woman from suicide and shows her a good time. The trouble with her is that she has had too many good times. They get married, but to him the wedding is nothing but a gag, the result of a drunken moment. To her, it means an escape from sordidness and her only shot at respectability. They are both pitiful, for there can be no common understanding between them.

For me this is a movie that truly shows the working class in the late 1920's and how hard life was ''back in the day''. A movie worth watching even if only for the nice style and feel of this great era .

(via criterion)

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