Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Lifetime of Boots

It is amazing to have footwear that looks better over time. Dirt, grease, creases and other marks give your shoes more character. Some even refer to their shoes as a way of showing their identity, as it is common among denim enthusiasts. The more worn out they look, the more precious they usually become. The boots on the left are brand new. The ones in the middle are mine and just 3 months old. On the right there is a heavy worn-in collectible which we received as a present at the opening. They do look amazing, don't they?

It is not heresy if you want to keep your boots clean, we however feel strongly that Red Wing Shoes are made to be used. Treat them rough, because they can stand a beating. This will make the boots even more unique. Nevertheless you should care for them in a proper way. Clean them once in a while and condition them with oils or protectors. Feel free to contact us if you need some advice on shoe care for your Red Wings.


  1. i love redwings, i bought a pair when i first got into my trade, lasted me over 2 years, i went back to get new ones, and i cant bring myself to throw my old worn out and torn ones away. best boots ever.