Monday, August 2, 2010

Work Chukka

Did you know the word Chukka is derived from the game of polo? The time periods of the game share the name with our summer favorite. Chukka is a very popular type of shoe, and as a result comes various forms and shapes. The most consistent details are the height of the shoe (just below the ankle) and there are usually no more then 3 pairs of eyelets.

Being popular among carpenters and delivery men, the Work Chukka from Red Wing Shoes prepares you for good city living. The upper is a bit lower than the 6" boots, which makes it more suitable for hot weather. It is combined with the white Euro-traction tred outsole, which instantly provides a distinguished Red Wing look and durability. This combination of upper and outsole made it a bit more versatile for people who did not do heavy lifting, but needed a durable shoe. It comes in a variation of leathers like the Briar Oil Slick, Oro-Iginal and the Mohave's. Which is you favorite colorway? Maybe the one SS1 preview below.

(image via redwing1905)


  1. This is surely without any doubt going to be a great hit. The text was rich in marketing ingrdients. I look forward to visit your store any time from now. Veel koop verkoop plesier.


  2. Thank you Serge. You are welcome any time.