Thursday, September 30, 2010

Deerskin Gloves

Warm hands are no redundant luxury in the coming season. Deerskin working gloves are my preferred accessory. They are strong, flexible, look cool and do what they have to do: keep your hands warm. Last winter I sported the Churchill Classic Maverick gloves. What I like is the light caramel brown color which ages nicely. I also used them for scooping coal in the display cases in the shop. They were completely covered in black dust, but I managed to clean them a bit.

The Churchills I have are bloody nice, but they were a bit cold when the frost kicked in. When that happens I am going to carry the Red Wing gloves. They are also made of buckskin, but they provide better insulation because of the white soft lining. You've got to love it. They come in black and caramel and in sizes medium, large and extra large. Available at our shop Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam.

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