Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Deus 'Inari'

This beauty is a labor of love by bike enthusiasts Deus Ex Machina, an Aussie based company that makes custom built bikes as well as fixed gear bicycles. Out of love for the old fashioned way of custom builds in the 1940's they started a company that is a bit different than most of the shops we see these days. This particular bike is a totally rebuilt Honda CB100 made in their bike shop on Bali, where the CB100 is still a very popular everyday ride for a lot of people. It is named 'Inari' after the Japanese Shinto spirit of futility and success. These guys know what living is: being the surf-, skate- and motorcycle enthusiasts that they are, they made the bike with an optional surfboard rack and is smaller than most bikes we see. With robust suspension and simple mechanics this doesn't require a degree in electronics to fix. All in all, this makes me wanna build my own...

For the specifics on the 'Inari' you can check out there blog Deus Bali Blog.

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