Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fisher Space Pen

Astronaut Space Pen - Original Chrome Plated

The Space Pen was invented in 1965 by Paul C. Fisher. In that year it was patented as an "anti-gravity" pen. The semi-liquid ink is kept under pressure by nitrogen in the reservoir. This makes sure that you can write under almost every thinkable condition, whether it is under water, in space, altitudes of up to 3810 meter, and between temperatures of -30 and 120 degrees Celsius.

Bullet Space Pen - Chrome Plated

The features above made this pen ideally suited for space and Fisher asked NASA to try out his product. After 2 years of testing NASA took the pens in space on the Apollo 7 mission in 1969. Before the Space Pen astronauts used pencils for writing. This might seem just as useful but a broken tip was potentially dangerous in space. Also the flammable nature of the wood was a reason to use improved writing materials on space missions.

Astronaut Pen - Black Grid Design
There are 2 main models: the Astronaut Pen and the Space Bullet. The Astronaut Pen is the original rectractable ball-point used in space mission and the design has not changed in 36 years. The Bullet Space pen is a non-retractable smaller variant of the original. Both come in a variety of colors and metals. At Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam we carry the Original Astronaut chrome plated and chrome with black grid design. The Bullet Space Pen is available in chrome plated and in lacquered brass.

Bullet Space Pen - Lacquered Brass
Drop by if you need a pen that goes well with your Traveler's Notebook, is tested in space and will perform during any trip you can imagine.

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