Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kent Military Brush

A few weeks ago I had a discussion in the shop about hair brushes. Daan thought it was a shame I used the brush that I used. We're surrounded by cool stuff, and here was this plastic "monstrosity" in my scout pack. It did meet its basic requirements at the time, but Daan's comment and advice to go for a military hairbrush fired up my appetite for something that would match our requirements, both in looks and functionality.

Today I came across G.B. Kent & Sons Ltd. Commonly known as Kent Brushes, this British company started making brushes in 1777. Amazingly, they have had a Royal Warrant from the beginning. This means they have been supplying the English Royal Family for over nine reigns. The company was run by the Kent family for six generations, until 1932. The last of the three Kent brothers passed away and Eric Cosby, owner of Cosby Brushes, went into association with the company. The company is still run by the Cosby family today.

The men's brushes from Kent come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The bristle versions are the ones I was looking for. This mostly oval shaped brush is generally referred to as the military brush. The handles are made of Cherry, Beech or Ebony wood. My favorite is the MN11. It is made of Ebony wood, which is a very dark timber and comes with a pure black bristle. This combination gives it a very durable, quality appearance. It has been marked on the hit list for next month..

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