Saturday, September 11, 2010

Levi's Workwear by Billy Reid

Designer William "Billy" Reid was recognized by GQ as the best new menswear designer in America. Next to winning the cash prize of $50,000 he also designed a limited edition collection for Levi's. Following the fine collection by Filson, this is something Levi's grabbed my attention with for the second time in a short while.

At first I was not impressed, but my opinion changed radically after I saw the detailed pictures and read about the inspiration for the collection. It contains a twill hunting coat, a 501 rigid denim, a 505 work pant, a woolen trucker jacket, two sweatshirts, one denim shirt, one oxford shirt, a t-shirt and a "apron" tool bag.

The inspiration for this collection came from a blacksmith's apron found in New Mexico. According to Billy Reid's website, this was also the catalyst and starting point for the whole collection. Each item has an element of this apron: from the pockets of the jeans to the lining of the oxford shirt. The best items from the collection are definitely the hunting jacket and the tool bag.

The twill cotton hunting jacket is lined with an apron which acts as a game pouch. The apron is also removable and can be worn separately. The tool bag is made from reformed apron. The pockets and detailing on the outside give the bag a unique appearance. Coolhunting published a video online about this creation of the collection. Check it out.

Visit BILLYREID.COM for more pictures and info.

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