Sunday, September 26, 2010

Red Wing 8166

A couple of weeks ago we had a customer who came in to the shop, wearing these shoes. He only paid 30 euro for them so we started wondering if it was the real deal or a replica. I knew the model but hadn't seen them in Europe before. They were developed for the Japanese/European market and appear to have thinner leather.

The style number was printed on the front of the tongue instead of the inside of the shoe and the Red Wing label seemed a bit different from what I have. I still don't know for sure if these are replica's or not but if anyone can enlighten me, be sure to leave a comment! It's a pity we don't carry this Oro Russet colorway but luckily we have some other nice colors in this round toe.

[EDIT]  A message from Fred, editor of RedWing1905 informed us this particular model was in the collection of 2009. So 30 euros was quite a bargain for this pair of shoes!

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