Monday, September 20, 2010

Sledgehammer Pack

A nice side effect of running a cool store is that we meet a lot of cool people. Since the opening about 6 weeks ago we were honored to mak a lot of new friends. One of them hails from Switzerland and sent us a Swiss pack that is used by the Swiss national civil protection organization.

The pack can be used to carry almost anything, like sledgehammers, chisels, ropes and other tools. You can tell by the way it is designed it was built to carry heavy stuff. It is made of sturdy canvas with leather straps. It is about 68 cm tall and the bottom measures 26 x 30 cm. The straps are reinforced by leather patches on the inside. The bottom of the pack is made of a metal plate. It looks like you can wear it like a messenger bag across your shoulder. Thanks for sharing Ueli!

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