Thursday, September 16, 2010

WPA Posters

The Work Progress Administration was the biggest governmental agency that was established as a part of the New Deal under the first term of President Roosevelt. Between 1936 and 1943, it employed millions of people during the Great Depression. This agency carried out public work projects, and operated large art, drama and media projects. It is not my intention to make this a history lesson, but I had to dig into some background info on the posters you can see in this post.

During the period the agency was active, various branches of the WPA produced around 2000 posters. This was to promote project, events, arts, safe working environments etc. The Library of Congress has the largest collection of these posters. The shop Unionmade from San Francisco made a nice selection on their blog of the ones that are work-related.

Imagine how cool these designs would be if you found enamel versions in your local junkshop or flea market. It would give a real authentic feel to your house, shop or showroom. The whole collection can be found here.

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