Sunday, October 17, 2010

101 Postman

The 101 from Red Wing Shoes is something special. Probably not one of the first silhouettes that pops up when you think of the brand. For us it is one of our secret favorites. Also called the Postman, this sturdy oxford first came in to production in 1954. The leather is of Chaparral quality and this shiny black leather is strong but has a clearly dressed appearance.

It took Red Wing Shoes almost a year to re-create this leather. Because of increasing environmental laws and regulations, they had to do their best to reproduce the exact same leather as 56 years ago. Originally this type of leather was used to meet the uniform requirements but still remained durable to work on. A cool detail is the original tag on the side saying: "SR / USA" - meaning Slip Resistant.

As you can see, this shoe goes very well with a Burlington sock and a Momotaro Jeans. This style is available at our shop for 239,90 euro.

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