Monday, October 18, 2010

Tilley Stormlight

One of the artifacts Joachim and I took home from our trip to Minnesota in June was a vintage storm light. The design of this object is timeless. Everyone recognizes the shape and it is almost a shame that the use of the storm lamp is no longer common practice.

Tilley is a typically British brand that produces the Stormlight. The company started in the 19th century, producing lights for use in both industrial and home environments. A famous model is the X246, which was first made in 1952. A modern version of the original Stormlight, the X246B, can still be purchased from the Tilley webshop. It costs 115 pounds and you can choose from a selection of chrome, red or brass lights.

As you can see below, lighting a Stormlight is a delicate job. A precise series of timed proceedings will create a very bright, warm light. The lamp can produce 12 hours of light on 1 1/2 pint of paraffin or kerosene. Ideal for the BBQ afterparty.

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