Saturday, November 13, 2010

11" Engineer Bruiser

Last week we received some fine additions to our collection in the shop. Next to the already familiar colorways we got two 11" Engineer Bruisers in. The Sand Bruiser and the Oro Russet Bruiser share a very special look. The leathers are distressed and look like they have been treated with a steel brush. As you can see they both have darker spots on the toe area and the shaft. This is done with a process of heat and friction for a more rugged look. You no longer need to drag your boots behind your car to rough them up.

They combine well with washed or heavy worn in denim. When you wear this style keep in mind that the boot has an "old" look. Shape the shaft of the boot a bit so it matches with the color. The picture above gives you a example of how it should look. Last but not least, get your outsoles dirty.

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