Monday, November 29, 2010

Dead Stock Red Wings 708

Finding a dead stock pair of Red Wing Shoes is always an adventure. The best finds are when you have no clue as to when they were made or what they were specifically intended for. Then you know you have to really dig in to find all the information about this specific pair of boots.

A fine example of a pair of Red Wing Shoes that is completely unfamiliar to me is this 708 found on Ebay. It is in mint condition and it seems to be made out of oil tanned leather, possibly the Oro-iginal. The model has a round toe, is about 8 inches high with eyelets and speedhooks. Cool detail is the extra eyelets above the speedhooks. The crepe outsole is completely flat and the pattern is different from the traction tred seen on the current lifestyle collections.

I wander what line of work this boot was intended for. Seen this boots before? Let us know! Thanks to Jonathan Carroll for providing us with the link.


  1. hi, how do you compare them with the actual Red Wing size?

  2. Usually you have one size down your normal size. So if you have a size US 10 in sneakers for example, the first option would be a US 9. It does depend on the shape of your feet. Does this answer your question?

  3. Hi, thanks for your answer d3n1m. I'm still a bit confuse. I wear 9.5 in modern RW, and i'm looking to buy a dead stock pair in the japanese market. Which size should i go for?

  4. As you will understand there is no strict guideline how to buy vintage pairs. Personally I would go for the same size. My advice is pay attention to the US size, the width and combine this with your own knowledge how a specific model fits on your feet. Hope this helps.