Saturday, November 6, 2010

Driza-Bone Bushman Jacket

Two weeks ago a customer came into the store with a very nice waxed canvas jacket. We talked about his jacket and he told me it came from Australia. He told me the name of the brand but unfortunately I did not completely catch it. No wonder, because after googling "Australian waxed canvas" I ended up at the site of Driza-Bone. The name sounds like a medicine for androids. The brand is genuinely Australian and started manufacturing oilskin coats in 1898. The initial long coats were made by recycling torn canvas sails and were designed for sailers.

However I really liked the model of the jacket and after a bit of browsing I found the one and only Bushman Jacket. It is a mid-cut jacket with hood, drawstring waist and comes with a flanellette lining. The best detail is the typical cape. This is mostly seen on traditional, long riding coats. Driza-Bone does produce such long ones, but I am not sure if I am ready for it. Might be a bit tricky on my fixie. The Bushman costs 329 Australian dollars which is approx. 215 euros. Not that costly compared to waxed coats from the familiar brands.


  1. Pretty clever name actually. Bone Dry= Dry As A Bone= Drizabone. Cool.