Saturday, December 11, 2010

Eat Dust Denim Jacket

Finding a well designed denim jacket is harder than it seems. Aside from the classics, you know there are very few contemporary interpretations that can blow you away. This Heavy Duty Worker Jacket from Eat Dust did just that with me.

It is made from heavy 13.25 oz. Japanese selvage denim. It features 2 hip pockets and one breast pocket which all feature the signature Z-Bar stitching. This a clear reference to their motorcycles as it resembles a type of handlebar. Not to be missed are the blue corduroy collar, the faded copper buttons and the extra button hole. Apparently for decoration, it was placed lopsided between the first and second functional button holes.

The brand itself is quite unknown and it is hard to find some proper background information on it. It seems be from Belgium and started by biker enthusiasts who share a passion, not only for bikes but also for denim and proper garments. Their blog does not reveal much but their webshop is online.

This post will get a follow-up if I can find out more.. (via SpeedSeekers)

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