Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Elian Bicycles

We cycle a lot in Holland. "More bicycles than people" is what we tend to say in Amsterdam. You would assume we would be masters at building them. The craftsmanship is actually hard to find if you look at the common Dutch manufacturers.

Elian does it differently. Based in the city of Utrecht in Holland, they build frames with their bare hands. They produce beautifully simple bicycles and there is an option to customize. The frames look rock-solid and have a distinctive look. The rear fork tubes cross the vertical tube to be welded on the horizontal tube. Sounds complicated but take a look at the pics and you will understand.

"Everything is possible as long as it meets our standards." I love this expression of expertise.

(info and pictures via Joachim Baan - www.anothercompany.org)

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