Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gil Evgren

Pin-up art is a well known form of commercial art. It usually depicts an idealized version of a sexually attractive woman. I have always loved the pin up art and its many forms and shapes. Quite some friends of mine have a pin up tattoo on their body. My brother will soon join the pin up club and I am searching for the ideal design for myself. During my research I have come across a lot of artists and I will show you a few more in the coming months.

Gil Evgren is one of the best - if not THE BEST - and most loved pin up artist who ever lived. Originally from St. Paul, Minnesota he started out studying architecture. Soon he realised that he loved painting more so he moved to Chicago to study at the American Academy of Art instead. He started drawing pin ups in 1937 for publishing company Louis F. Dow. Seven years later he moved to Brown and Bigelow who payed him $1000 dollar per pin up. A lot of money, especially in those days.

Evgren would later branch out to other commercial forms of art, for example ads for Coca Cola and others. He is famous for his oil paintings of his "girl next door" pin ups, often in situations that blow up their skirts "accidentally". Check his website for more inspiration.

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