Sunday, December 12, 2010

Museum Of Useful Things

Form and function is one of my favorite subjects. It is the combination of something looking neat while still being exceptionally functional. Had I been able to draw, there would have been no other option but to become an industrial designer.

When browsing the Swurdin blog, I came across a post about a Mason Bag. We have similar ones from Heritage Leather Company, so of course I was curious to find out where it came from. I ended up on the wonderful website of the Museum Of Useful Things.

Almost a shame it's not an actual shop where you can touch the products. They have a collection of well-designed and useful stuff. Everything you need to carry, affix, clean, read, write, hold, measure, organize and assist yourself with is there. Maybe you need a Crown Butcher' s Twine or the C-Clamp Camera Tripod? The prices are affordable, so check out the website and have a look for yourself.

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