Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sami Knife Exhibition

The Saint-Étienne International Design Biennale 2010 presented an exhibition called the "Sami Knife II". Our friends from Denim Demon are Sami so this made me curious. The purpose of the exhibition was to bring attention to the current situation and future of the Sami knife, called "leuku" (Finnish) or stuorniibi (Sami) which means "big knife".

The result is a great collection of both modern and classic designs of this type of knife. Participating designers flew in from places as varied as Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Switserland, the Netherlands as well as the United Kingdom. Both contemporary and old fashioned designs look incredible. Interestingly, a lot of designers have found inspiration in their own culture. An overview can be seen here.

(images and info via Designboom)

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