Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ultimate Denim Boot

No, this is not a pair of Red Wing Shoes made of denim. Neither is this a collaboration with a big, fellow American brand. This is just the ideal 6" Moc for rigid or raw denim. The Hawthorne Abilene Roughout (8173) is most vulnerable to indigo bleeding. Wear them under your new denim and they will slowly turn blue.

Most people would find this scary, but to the denim enthusiast it is more like a sign his boots are aging, are getting more character. The bleeding will create blue spots on the upper and will create a unique look over time. This Moc comes with the standard gold/tan laces. Try the black laces as pictured or leather laces if you can find them in the right size.


  1. as you can see here ...

  2. This is indeed a fine example. Yours?

  3. yes, like all the other beauties ...