Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jermyn Street Shaving Set

Shaving is one of the things that separate men from the boys. The tradition of shaving is one I keep close to my heart. My dad always uses a good brush, old school shaving soap and a vintage Gilette safety razor. For me shaving is something I do for special occasions, but the ritual of classic shaving is something I admire and cherish.

Good equipment is essential. One of our readers pointed out the shop "Tailor of Old Bond Street". They have a good collection of male grooming products. A safety razor or a straight razor takes some practice if you want to emerge smooth and unharmed from the bathroom. The functional design of a contemporary razor with a proper looking handle might be a good suggestion. A small kit like the Jermyn Street Shaving Set will get you there. It includes shaving cream, a badger shaving brush and handle designed to use the Mach 3 razors. Comfort and style for about 80 euro. Thanks Olivier for sharing!

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