Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Merlin

We were talking in the shop about custom bikes and Martijn mentioned a bobber made by a Dutch builder. My curious nature led me to do some research. The Merlin from Dark Star Kustoms is even better than I expected. DSC is from the Hague - where I used to live - and is run by Philip van Geest. He managed to build is this bike in only five weeks.
The engine is a Harley Davidson '45 WL engine. The frame is custom-built with a springer fork and the accessories were brought in from various sources. For example a bicycle headlight and the steering wheel were taken from a Belgian moped. The bare-metal look is amazing. (pictures by Floris Velthuis)

1 comment:

  1. hi ,haha
    thanks for the compliments

    but you spelled my name wrong
    its philip v. geest
    and my shop name is dark star kustoms
    why Kustoms instead of customs
    because the coast is 2 min. away from my home

    feel free to come over for a visit if you ever come to den haag again
    i build a couple of bikes per year !

    cheers philip
    de mazzel ;-)