Sunday, March 20, 2011

Noblesse Oblique Exhibition

Scott Campbell has opened a solo exhibition called Noblesse Oblique in the OHWOW gallery in Los Angeles. Not around the corner for us, but that is an extra reason to show some of his works. He uses a wide variety of materials like ostrich eggshell, graphite, currency, copper and neon.

His use of cut currency is very special. In one piece a staggering $11,000 worth of dollar sheets is used, to carve out a skull to create a 3-dimensional piece of art. All artworks show strong influences by Campbells background as a tattoo artist. He honors his background, as the name implies, but still seeks a new context for the art normally seen on someones skin. Read all background info on OHWOW and see more pics at Slamxhype.

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