Thursday, April 14, 2011

Europeans by Yamandu

Our friend Yamandu Roos is currently traveling in Scotland for his ongoing project called 'Europeans'. As always he travels alone, mostly driving his red Peugeot 205 called the "Eagle". On his trips he takes photographs of the people he meets and the European landscapes he crosses. Yamandu does it the oldfashioned way: without a digital camera so the output remains a mystery until he is back in Amsterdam. The result of his previous trips around Europe is simply amazing and can be seen on his Flickr page.

For his current trip to Scotland Yamandu took a pair of Red Wing Shoes 877's with him. He is giving them a rough time in the highlands. Luckily he takes pictures regularly with his phone. We have already seen him ride horses, walk through the mud and pick wild garlic. Follow Yamandu on his ongoing Europeans project with us through twitter and his website.

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