Monday, April 18, 2011

Levi's Cycling Denim

Levi's is introducing specialized cycling denims. As 90% of my body is always covered in denim and as the proud owner of a fixie I wanted to see what this is about. Cycling blog Prolly sat down with the creative team and put some items to the test. The collection will consist of both jeans and a jacket. Levi's has developed a special nanosphere treatment to avoid stains and smells.

The denim looks a bit cheap unfortunately but the details on the jeans are nice. A zipped back pocket, a U-lock holster, fluorescent 3M lining on he cuff, a gusseted crotch - nice - and a higher cut back area. The jacket is a rebuilt version of the trucker jacket. It has a stretching construction around the back, with air vents, 3 pockets, a scooped tail and longer sleeves. Levi's will release some special editions so I am hoping for a jacket in Cone denim with my name on it. Click here for more pics.

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