Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Honda CB750 "Cyclone"

If you want to know how to turn a motorcycle from 1970 into a beast check this out. It is the Honda CB750 from 1970 rebuilt by Steve 'Carpy' Carpenter. The original does not look cool at all - if you ask me - but the outcome of this cafe racer project is dazzling. It features a silver / black paintjob inspired by a Ford Mustang. The front disk brake has so many holes you can play circular mastermind for at least a year. The mean steering wheel with small side mirrors and the upgraded rear tire do wonders for the bike´s appearance.

I watched "The Secret" yesterday and now I am only thinking about this bike. Hopefully it will show up in front of my house tomorrow! Or should I start saving money? Might be a better idea. More pictures by Jared Schoenemann on Bike Exif. Thanks Gabor for sharing.

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