Saturday, May 21, 2011

Joe King Helmets

An open face helmet is something I always wanted, since I found a bright yellow one as a kid in the bike storage in front of our house. My dad used it when he drove around on his Moto Guzzi. So if you ever saw a little kid on a 3-wheeler with a yellow helmet he could drown in, yes it was me.

The custom helmets by Joe King in Brazil are the best of the best. The guys from Eat Dust pointed them out while talking about bikes and helmets. I told them it was a bit hard to find a good one because of my large head. I look like Toad from Super Mario with a regular open face helmet. Joe King use a variety of shell sizes and models, so even I should be able to find a suitable one. Take a look at their website and check out the retro designs. The Easy Rider helmet above is my favorite.

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