Thursday, May 12, 2011

Master Engineer

The 2268 11" Engineer is the toughest work boot in the heritage collection of Red Wing Shoes. It is inspired by the old work boots designed for engineers and truck drivers. We call it the Master Engineer. Heavy, rugged and enduring. The first engineer, the 919, was released in 1941.

The 2268 is made of 2.2mm Black Chrome leather. The Neoprene Cord outsole is extra thick,  includes a 2-piece heel and a steel re-inforcement. An engineer needed those characteristics to be able to do his job securely. With sources of extreme heat, burning ambers and dangers of heavy machinery you can't be  protective enough. The boots are still favorite among bikers and surprisingly also photographers.

As one of our customers stated: "Being a photographer is less romantic then it seems. It involves a lot of carrying heavy stuff from one place to the other. I destroy almost any type footwear in no-time. That is why I like this boot, it lasts and it protects my toes." Available for 319,95 at Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam.

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