Thursday, June 30, 2011

Saturday Night Cruise-In

Last Saturday we went to the vintage car show in Hastings before we flew back the following day. Fred had told me before it was going to be a blast if the weather was nice. I guess we were lucky because the clouds looked threatening all day, but no rain.

When we arrived in Hastings we could see old muscle cars completely filling Hastings main street. I have never seen so many cool cars in one little town. Partially because the old muscle cars are more of a niche in Europe. Anyway, I was literally stunned by this collection of Mustangs, Chevelles, Challengers, Corvettes and other rare old cars. I had the time of my life strolling down the streets, checking out the cars, listening to their rumbling blocks and talking to the owners. Next year I hope to visit the car show in Minneapolis, which should be even bigger. My favorite was a yellow Charger. What is your favorite muscle car?

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